Ashley Hendrick

In order for you to get to know who I am, I would have to introduce you to my seventeen year old brother, Michael. Better known as "Mikey", he is what I would consider my greatest blessing and the reason I see life the way I do. While others may see a brother with Down Syndrome as a burden, I see it as one of the greatest gifts I could have ever recieved. With his bright smile and heart the size of the moon, Mikey is the happiest person I know and has taught me how to handle most obstacles I have come across in this life.

Mikey has showed me that there's never a reason not to smile. No matter what the situation, there's always something to be happy about and Mikey exemplifies this better than anyone I know. The trials and tribulations everyone faces in life can be looked at as solely bumps in the road, or they can be viewed as blessings in disguise. The obstacle may be difficult and the mountain may be hard to climb, but because of Mikey, I will always look for the light at the end of the tunnel in every situation. Had I not done this before, I wouldn't have this best friend by my side today.