Aina The Panda


What exactly am I supposed to put on here? Let's see... I love adventures. There's just something about them that's soo... adventerous. So risky, so fun, so adrenaline pumping. In the past year I have sort of stretched myself. I have gone out of the bubble that was built around me. I've decided to be my own person. I've decided to live outside my bubble even though it is quite dirty out here. And boy. Let me tell you; it's been amazing. All it took was one step. Then BAM. So here I am now. Writing, blogging, taking photos, and learning. Here I am writing this down even though sometimes I can't put it into words. I'm on an adventure of finding myself and learning to be happy. I love to talk and I love to listen. Mostly listen. I love helping people out in anyway that I can so if you want to email me about anything, please do so.