Ashiedu Osenweokwu Jude

Consultant, Educator, and Filmmaker in Lagos, Nigeria

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I am an educator, film-maker, content developer and entrepreneur. I started my career in computer science and have been in the forefront of enhancing the use of technology in classrooms, by providing tools, technology and techniques for educators, schools and corporate entities.

I am the consultant at Edujetage, a platform to empower schoolteachers, institutions and educational service providers, in creating innovative lessons for diverse learners and commercializing their contents.

My global goal is to apply my ICT expertise to empower one million educators in the use of technology, by creating innovative lessons, to build up their intellectual property as entrepreneurs and to inspire learners with necessary core skills for sustainable development.

Traditional classrooms are restricted, but with a laptop, smartphone, relevant apps and core skills, a rural schoolteacher can become a competent global educator.

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