ashika jayaweera

sri lanka college of journalisum in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Hi, I’m ashika. I’m a student of journalisum college colombo. i lives Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. I am a fan of classical music. reading, writing, and listening to the music are my hobbies.I’m also interested in arts and food. I study at southlands college galle.I did guiding,basketball,netball, scribble in the school.. You can hire me with a click on the button above.

im also study at univercity of kelaniya.i follow cycology degree.and nowadays i study journalisum as my passion.i want to be a creative journalist-that's mean allrounder. thats my dream.

people have two type of dreams.first one they can't achive but they still dream.second one is they have the strength to achieve dreams.i also work according to that one and only dream---be a professional journalist.

in school times, i did lots of extra cariculum works,specially media.i'm a great member of southlands college media unit.speaking,writting,listening,watching---these four make me as a attractive journalist.i want to be a attracvtive, creative journalist.that's my only dream.

soo my news is over.this is and only me