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Satoshi Ikeda

DASH Co., Ltd President


知財戦略とソーシャルメディアを活用したグローバルコミュニケーションサービス,デジタルコンテンツの正規流通化を応援しています。モバイルコンテンツ、Apps企画製作、ソーシャルゲームの輸出入 デジタルコンテンツの正規流通化を応援しています。日本の文化財産を守り広げ世界にマンガ、アニメを広げたい。趣味は旅行/ゴルフ/ポーカー

I have worked in Global content and mobile business sectors for over the past ten years, working with Japanese content producers of manga, film animation, theatrical movies, original videos, and music. Since 2007, We have helped a number of clients monetize content across global internet, mobile, satellite and portal channels while CEO of Dash Co. Ltd. More recently, We have begun to focus our attention on the protection and monetization of client content through the delivery of global anti-piracy solutions, social media monitoring and engagement. provided by Unidam LLC. Early in my career, I worked in Australia’s automotive and real estate industries, where I assisted Japanese clients with their investments. In my spare time, I like to invest in ecology-related technologies and raise funds for NPO’s. Social Good