Ashirwad Ceramics Pvt Ltd

Ashirwad Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known ceramic sanitary ware manufacturing company based at Thangadh in Gujarat, India. The sanitary ware manufacturer provides best quality ceramic water closets, squatting pans, ceramic wash basin with pedestal, urinals, rustic series sanitary ware, vitrosa series sanitary ware and printed sanitary ware products for residential as well as commercial sanitation needs.


Sanso Sanitary manufactures various types of ceramic water closets having different characteristics and are as well made with differing features of modern sanitary ware. These also have a very special way of usage and are available in different colors, designs and sizes to fit into individualistic requirements. It is also worth noting that, they also have a very special method and easy way of installation. The team of Sanso says that their primary goal is to provide sanitation that is of high quality and hence they manufacture sanitary ware with only best quality selected ceramics. Some of the best and demanding types of ceramic water closets offered by Sanso include wall hung water closets, Italian or Burma style water closets, Bidet style water closets and Irani water closet