Ashish Maharjan

Rishikesh, uttrakhand, India

The flight of a person implies her/his tendency to achieve something. If a person doesnt have the will to take risks, then the chance of succeeding if a dreamy concept.

Hi there, I am Ashish Maharjan, a common person with common goals but what is it that makes me different from other common people is my willingness to break the binds and take risks and face challenges to fly high. Am basically an instructor of zipline, a learner on the path of gaining knowledge and expending my arsenal of wisdom.

It may be a hurdle for some people at first to take a break from routine stable life but girls/ guys do take the time to explore your inner skills.

Past is history, future is mystery, right now is a gift we have, so its known as make a lot out of the Present.

Have a great life friends!!

  • Education
    • 12th
    • Bca
    • McA
    • Niit
    • Zipline Instructor