Aashish Dhiman


ค ๒яเєƒ ∂єรcяเpтเσภ ค๒συт мє.. I am not paid to be nice to uh so don’t say dat u were not warned ………… ABOUT ME… One rule- I rule I am not perfect who is ? ? I am jst an ordinary guy but according 2 me I am simply extraOrdinary… I am very much ambitious person. Sum ppl think I am arrogant, sum ppl think I am a big flirt …. But seriously I don’t care. This is what I call “ ATTiTuDe ” I AM NOT INSENSITIVE, I JUST DON’T CARE. "Attitude runz in my VEINS” And the ppl who think otherwise, I jst wanna say them… FucK OFF !! « Ñãtü®ë » $imply ä lØvInG nd Trustable guy who olwaz wants eveRy1s happInes .. M veRy devoTed 2 fRndshp and belive in truth at each moMent,i want maah oWn space in evEry1s hEart♥ ...

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