Ashish Chanekar

Navi Mumbai

Its hard to observe any pattern when the mind is delusional and to clear it one should have focus in sight plus be true to yourself.

It’s obvious to get distracted from what you actually desire and what you are getting or running after; change is constant as well the time. Time is never gone but you are the person who creates a fragment that you lost it. Control it, save the time for you and not for pessimistic things which drags you down. Take time to understand the true meaning of your desires and chase them, run for them.

I’m an average intelligence person and have a craving to make my aura more sustainable for me and my love ones.

Some of my work is at the display of the link and please feel free to go through my resume, if you like to work together.

  • Work
    • Software Engineer
  • Education
    • BE (IT)