Ashish Deshmukh


अजनबी दुनिया में अकेला सा खवाब हु
रूठे हुए सवालो का छोटासा सा जवाब हु
जो समाज न सके उनके लिए कौन
जो समाज सके उनके लिए खुली किताब हु

The above shayari is the exact replica of my nature.Though my nature is different,but people are deceived by the sincere look on my face.But don't create any image of mine at the very first Instant.I have a serious and studious look on my face,but im very naughty and jocose at heart.Always in search of "BAKRAS" to pull their legs.

But thats just one part of me.The other part is im very serious about study and very keen on learning new stuff.I have been always a bright student in my academics.In fact im the topper of my 10th batch.Im a distiction holder in my first year of engineering.Along with this I HAVE WON MANY AWARDS IN MY COLLEGE AS "STUDENT OF THE YEAR,"MR TALENT".I ALSO WON THE PRESTIGIOUS IBM DAY CONTEST IN PICT,PUNE.WON A BRAND NEW LAPTOP FOR THE SAME.I guess i must have looted my college the highest in terms of prize money...lolz.... :)

I'm a good teacher and can explain concepts very well,the only condition being they should be clear to me..:-)..kidding jokes apart,its my aim to be a good professor of management and to do research in field of economics.Computers is my other field of my interest.I always like to keep on learning new tricks and develop my logic to build something interactive,innovative.Till date i'm not successful to build my own application right from A to Z,but i'm confident that ill sure join the elite league of Bill Gates,Larry Page,Narayan Murty & Jerry Yang.This website is also the result of this "Khujli" of mine :).I have also completed one N.S.S camp of 10 days.I have also been associated various NGO's and support

I'm very honest,and try my level best not to hurt anyone.I follow the principles of Vipassana in my life.I love my family the most and especially my mom and dad who have always supported me.I also love my friends very much.They have been a integral part of life.During my lows and highs they were besides me.However i pity those people who are just interested in gossiping and bitching behind others back.The following quote says it all
"Dont be like the coins who have less value but make more like the currency notes who make no noise but have high value".As far as my interest is concerned I am passionate about business and dream to build my own empire and

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