Ashish Kumar Dave

Madhya Pradesh, India

Ashish Kumar Dave is know as Software Engineer. He is only of 16 years, he is studying in 10th standard. He likes to create computer softwares, hacking tools, websites and so on. When was in 6th class so he wanted to learn computer languages, he studied himself at home. His interest in this field is much more. He has a sharp mind in field of computer science. He wrote books depended on computer programming. He has a bright future in the Computer World.

When he came in 10th standard, he did a wonderful job at Canadian association of computer science and he got 97 marks out of 100 in computer science exam. He created an antivirus and hacking software and sent to Canadian association of computer science and we was certified by them. His software’s ability is to hack anyone’s computer and his antivirus is very well and better than AVGs or Net protector.

He creates software as like professional. His aim is to become a Software Engineer.May god make him as he wants.

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