An Indian guy with a 4-chambered blood pumping machine which radiates LOVE efficiently 24x7 for the people around me. A man with a strong determination and unique nature who loves hiking, biking, bungee and any adventurous sport. An extensive traveler and loves to enjoy every moment of life with friends, hence often referred as party animal by friends.

Just think :

When u board a plane to return home filled with happiness to meet ur loved ones.

When u see F1 zooming past ur eyes at super fast speeds.

When u see a person walking after a terrible accident who was supposed to stay in wheel chair for rest of his life

Is there anything common here ??

TITANIUM, the metal which is extensively used today in thousands of critical applications. I work to ensure the superior quality of titanium and its alloys during the Vacuum Arc Remelting process. This is my work for PHD thesis at ECOLE DES MINES DE NANCY , a laboratory of CNRS.

Born in a holy city Mathura (India), I did schooling from SACRED HEART CONVENT, Mathura and Bachelor of Technology from ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY , Aligarh (India) in Mechanical engineering. During B.Tech I developed an affection for CFD and was fortunate enough to do MS Research from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore (India).

I have strong passion for meeting people from diverse cultures and countries and am very good in making friends.

U will love me or hate me... but u will realise that this Ashish Malik is only ONE of its kind !!