Ashish - means "To give Blessing"

New York

Hi There,

I have created this page to give you little information about me. I live and Work in New York City. I am living in New York from past 5 years and love everything about this city. Originally I came from India (Rajasthan) to persue higher studies, I went to College in NYC and completed my bachelors in Marketing. Currently I work in Marketing Industry and have plans to persue Masters in Marketing in near future. My interests are in:

Travelling - So far I have travelled to Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany and few Cities in United States.

Music - On my Spotify & Pandora you will find playlist from following artists: ColdPlay, Killers, Sting, The Police, Bryan Adams, Washedout, Pheniox, Thievery Corporation, Bombay Dub Orchestra and other playlists similar to these artists.

Sports - I love watching and playing Cricket, Soccer, Tennis

Food - vegetarian Indian food any day (home cooked food by my mom is the best!), Other cuisines I enjoy eating are Mediterrian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Italian. Being from New York I also love trying out food from Food Trucks

In my free time I love exploring New York city, going on Hikes, watching movies, (Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama), Reading, Cooking and Taking pictures either through Instagram or my canon SLR. You can check out some my clicks on Flickr

My ultimate "Dream" is to travel the whole World before I die. With that in Mind I have decided to pick (Discover) a country every year and travel (Explore)