Ashish Prashad

New Delhi, India.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Just a bit about myself .......

Well, I am absolutely mesmerized by the power and concept of all things digital and the ever growing technology which surrounds us and helps us in connecting the dots across the universe.

Therefore I jumped onto the '' bandwagon to throw in my cards in the perpetual gamble, we call life.

I've been exploring the mesmerizing world of all things technical since 2005.So, it goes without saying that I have served time in various industries that implement this fascinating medium. Among them, a few are E-Commerce (, Software (, Services (Serco India), Technical Support (CRM Services India) and most recently with (PRIA) as Head - Communications & I.T.

I've walked my miles thus far in Strategic Planning & Profit Center Operations, Consultancy, Technical Training and Development, Cost Reduction, Organizational Restructuring & Continuous Growth, Technical Support, Turn Key Solutions & People Management.

On this arduous, yet irresistible journey, I honed my skills on widespread cross functional experience in handling teams for Profit Center Operations, General Management, Administration, Public Relations, Training and Development, Client and Product Management, Technical Support and Customer Services.

I am a quick learner, with the just right amount of passion and energy. Which also leaves room for me to day-dream, without which, I'd probably never make it this far.

I enjoy listening to Rock / Pop / Dance music, watching movies (lots of them...) exploring new destinations, savoring my favorite home cooked cuisines and conversing over a few sips of my favorite poison.

Feel free to connect with me; I would love to hear from you.


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    • Nexus Technology
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    • St. Francis' College
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