Ashish Tiwari

A designer with expertise in Product Ideation, Development, Interaction Design, Experience Design, and Usability Testing and interest in making things usable, and more popular through user-experience.

Over the years, I've gained varied experience in business requirement analysis, user study, usability testing, design thinking methodologies, creative problem solving, establishing standards and guidelines, brand-development, and almost all technologies related to web applications. Currently working on Experience design and development of web based applications in the cloud-computing and Business Process Modeling (BPM).

Have earlier dabbled into event-management, production design at the Prithvi theatre, Industrial Design for Printers and Peripherals, and the design of Electrical Cars before discovering the passion for getting the experience right for digital artifacts.


I strongly believe the maxim that a good product is just not what is seen at the surface or the UI, but is acually the experience that permeates every single touch-point for the user- from the semantic code, seamless interaction, self-evident information architecture, to pleasant colors and the impression that lingers afterwards. And I consider myself lucky and priviledged to have oppurtunities to design for most of these touch-points first hand, and strive to make most of the leaning off it.

Oh, and yes, by the buzzword/jargon/business terms compliance ::> Interaction Design, UX, Design Management, RIA, Product Development, and ExperienceArchitect are the terms identified with my professional activities.