Ashish Shenoy

A student of R V College of Engineering, Bangalore. Pursuing B.E in Computer Science and Engineering.

A technophile, programmer, Android developer, quizzing geek and a rock music fan


I love Bangalore, its weather and its people.

I also love to travel and to go on adventure hikes.

Any person with a good sense of humor has the potential of being a friend of mine.

I fear coding errors! o_O

Coldplay and Porcupine Tree d^_^b \m/

A homely kind of guy who'd stop at any chat-stall, relish a plate of pani-puri and would scream and rejoice at every boundary when India's batting.

Definition of happiness to me would be the smell of mud on a rainy day, a cup of coffee with a good book to read, finding an empty seat in a crowded bus, a long relaxing shower, a Tarantino movie on a weekend, pav bhaji on a cold evening and mangoes (yum ^_^) .

Part time intellectual, full time crazy.