Ashly Howard

Austin TX

The left side of my brain and right side of my brain are always fighting. I am an analytical-creative thinker. I am knowledgable, SEO, communications, event planning, project management and anything involving marketing. Public Relations tends to me one of my favorite things. I am currently working for one of the top 10 insurance companies in the state of Texas. The writer in me: I have previously written for a few different blogs along with a couple of my own. I've attempted three different books, but have yet to finish one - spotlight on the term "yet". The designer in me: I owned an online boutique a few years ago, but because of a previous trial, that start-up diminished. Currently the designing flame has replinished and my passion for creating women's clothing is back. I am currently working on my own line and website, to get that dream and make it a reality. I'm also a huge movie buff and video gamer. Yes, I am a geek. Don't let the blonde fool you.

  • Work
    • Insurance Agent
  • Education
    • High School
    • Some College