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Ashkan Sharifi

Limassol, Cyprus

My name is Ashkan Sharifi, I began my career at a relatively small design studio at the age of 17. I was thirsty for knowledge and determined to learn about graphic design at a professional standard. I spent over three years learning about graphic design, marketing and discovering how to use the right printing materials for each design.

After acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills required and increasing my motivation immensely, I progressed to the next level of designing and developing websites, whilst simultaneously improving my graphic skills.

Having mastered website design and development, the studio received some interior design projects, at which time I volunteered to create the presentations in 3D. I am constantly searching for opportunities to grow and increase my skills and knowledge base, therefore I progressed to learn about creating & rendering life-like 3D models, (interior, exterior, etc).

Having collected several satisfied website clients, I decided to research how to own my own server to provide to all my clients. I began researching online on how to manage and secure dedicated servers and discussing with server managers and experts in order to be able to learn from their experience on how to smoothly run a server on a linux based operating system. At the ending of 2010, I began to manage my own server and hosting service of which all my clients are extremely satisfied

In 2011, I decided I needed another challenge, therefore I decided to launch a gaming competition (PES 2011), including all the marketing and design for flyers, tickets, posters, etc. I also produced a short video commercial for the event, which impressed whoever I showed it to. Through this video commercial I was introduced to a company who requested me to create an official video commercial for a new product they were launching. Once again I jumped at the chance of proving my skills at a professional level.

At the end of 2011, whilst searching for a professional photographer to shoot some photographs for a booklet, I decided to take this opportunity myself as I have always been interested in working with cameras, whether they are still or moving.

In all my projects I follow a simple procedure:
1- Collect all information and details of the project and required outcome
2- Conduct full research on the subject
3- Use my imagination and skills to improve the idea or add

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