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💐Basic Info💐



✨ He/ They

✨ infp

✨neurodivergent / mentally ill





Being Discussed

-BPD (showing multiple signs)

✨I age regress to cope

🎂Don't follow if🎂

you fit the basic BYF criteria (anti LGBTQ+, abilest, racist, etc.)

you're over 18 or under 13

you're gonna start drama

You kin with ash or any of my IDs (for the other kins you can ask to follow ! )

You'll make fun of the amount of kins i have

you have a problem with any of my friends

☁️Follow if☁️

you want to be friends

you're from one of my canons

you'll like my posts when you see them

🍰More than an ID🍰

Ash Kinoshita - Faedoll OC

Ren Hana - BTD1 and BTD2


Bee - Bee And Puppycat

Lapis Lazuli - Steven Universe

Prince Gumball - Adventure Time

Crybaby - Melanie Martinez Character

Wakana Takahashi - Faedoll OC

Harley Quinn - DC

(the character does play out through the music videos so i will tag myself as her but i am NOT factkin with melanie martinez)

❤️Kins❤️(not in order/ iffy with doubles)

Princess Peach - Nintendo

Kedamono - Popee The Performer

Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon

Draculaura - Monster High

Kanato Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers

Ticci Toby - Creepypasta

Megurine Luka - Vocaloid

Stocking - PASWG

Chara Dreemurr - Undertale

Kanna Kamui - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Braveheart - Carebears

Alice - Alice In Wonderland

Crona - Soul Eater

Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck it Ralph

Mitsukuni - OHSHC

Herb Cookie - Cookie Run

Grumpybear - Carebears

Wishbear - Carebears

Party Poison - The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

(im not factkin with gerard way !!)


Noodle - Gorillaz

Bedtimebear - Carebears

Sakura Miku - Vocaloid

Vampire cookie - Cookie Run


Red Fox

Cat - Calico / Black cat

Doll - Ball-joint / porcelain


Dog - Corgi / Shiba inu



Fluttershy - MLP

Bubbles - PPG

Thank you for reading ! to confirm you read, send a picture of a shiba inu !!