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Artist in Connecticut

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💐Basic Info💐



✨ He/ They

✨ infp

✨neurodivergent / mentally ill






Being Discussed

-BPD (showing multiple signs)


- csa / cocsa

- r//ape

- alcohol

- father mention

- abuse (all kinds please)

-animal abuse

- brother mention

✨I age regress to cope

🎂Don't follow if🎂

you fit the basic BYF criteria (anti LGBTQ+, abilest, racist, etc.)

you're over 18 or under 13

you're gonna start drama

you go by the name arianna

You kin with ash or any of my IDs (for the other kins you can ask to follow ! )

You'll make fun of the amount of kins i have

you'll softblock me without giving a reason why ( please don't do this)

☁️Follow if☁️

you want to be friends

you're from one of my canons

you'll like my posts when you see them

🍰More than an ID🍰

Ash Kinoshita - Faedoll OC

Ren Hana - BTD1 and BTD2


Bee - Bee And Puppycat

Lapis Lazuli - Steven Universe

Prince Gumball - Adventure Time

Crybaby - Melanie Martinez Character

Wakana Takahashi - Faedoll OC

Harley Quinn - DC

(the character does play out through the music videos so i will tag myself as her but i am NOT factkin with melanie martinez)

❤️Kins❤️(not in order/ iffy with doubles)

Princess Peach - Nintendo

Kedamono - Popee The Performer

Usagi Tsukino - Sailor Moon

Evan Hansen - Dear Evan Hansen

Draculaura - Monster High

Kanato Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers

Ticci Toby - Creepypasta

Megurine Luka - Vocaloid

Stocking - PASWG

Chara Dreemurr - Undertale

Kanna Kamui - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Crona - Soul Eater

Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck it Ralph

Mitsukuni - OHSHC

Herb Cookie - Cookie Run

Grumpybear - Carebears

Party Poison - The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

(im not factkin with gerard way !!)

🎀Synpaths🎀 (100% okay to follow!)

Noodle - Gorillaz

Alice - Alice in Wonderland

Bedtimebear - Carebears

Sakura Miku - Vocaloid

Vampire cookie - Cookie Run


Red Fox

Cat - Calico / Black cat

Doll - Ball-joint / porcelain


Dog - Corgi / Shiba inu