Ash Kumra

Ash Kumra is a business coach, speaker and entrepreneur. Ash was honored by the White House in November 2011 as a Empact 100 recipient; a list recognizing the top 100 companies who positively impact the economy and inspire others to join the movement. Ash was invited in December 2011 to join the Young Entrepreneur's Council; an invite-only community of the world’s top entrepreneurs.The Council has been active with congressional groups to help create national based job reform acts and recently co-founded a venture capital fund. Ash has spoken to over 10,000 people on entrepreneurship, social media and branding including the 2011 Free Enterprise Tour (sponsored by the US Chamber of Commerce). Ash is also an adjunct professor on entrepreneurship for several institutions a entrepreneurship fellow for Occidental College, and entrepreneur in residence for Chapman University. Ash is also an active investor and advisor from startups to publicly traded companies on these subject matters as well. The South Asian Business Alliance Network awarded the 2010 “Best Young South Asian American Entrepreneur” to Ash. Ash is currently Chairman, and co-founder of digital content distribution agency DesiYou; the 2010 recipient for "Best Digital Media" company by the Irvine Entrepreneur Forum. Ash’s recently co-founded (launched 11/11/11); an online community dedicated to guiding people to create, believe and live out their dreams using virtual dream boards and a patent-pending process as the main tools for realizing dreams.