Ashlea Crawford

In May 2014, I boarded a flight back home from Morocco. However, unlike many other flights I have taken before, I wasn’t boarding with just my luggage and fond memories. I had a contact for a supplier who would make the first set of items to be sold in my new business venture.
It was a long flight home, a extensive journey of experience to reach this point and there will be a challenging path of learning ahead.

When I first started my role G Adventures over six years ago, I was one in a team of only three the at the Melbourne office. Throughout this time, have I become the National Inside Sales manager and lead my team through impressive sales growth, finishing the last financial year with a 60% increase in sales on the year prior.
I have hired, coached and retained star employees who have staid with the company for a minimum of two to five years. Due to our success, we will be again up staffing to increase the team to nineteen.
I am responsible for setting, planning and executing strategy to achieve sales targets, driving my team to meet performance goals, actively engage clientele to keep them connected with the brand and for representing the company at trade fairs and networking events.

Through experience and prior formal education I have developed a strong skill set to creatively and confidently overcome any challenges I may face. I am a strong that we must continue learning, to widen our perceptions, deepen our understanding and strengthen our values to become better versions of ourselves and accomplish great things. It is with this I am currently completing my Bachelor of Business, Certificate of Frontline Management and will forever be a lifelong learner to develop certain areas such as those identified on my SWOT*Link* to attain my career goals *Link of

As you will see in my *CV th