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Run, Ashlee, Run

My name is Ashlee. I am a 20 something Manhattanite who loves to run. I race on the weekends and so far my favorite distance is 13.1, but I am tackling the NYC Marathon this November, my first 26.2.

Challenging myself with all types of fitness is one of my favorite things to do and usually on Wednesday nights you can find me getting my butt kicked by Gabriel, my boot camp trainer. I am currently taking classes to become a personal trainer and nutrition expert! Looking forward to taking what I am learning and have learned through personal experience to help people through their own fitness journeys.

I live for mornings in Central Park and don't care how stupid I look in my running back pack (it holds all my stuff so I can run wherever, whenever, I want!!!!!!) My blog exists to help and inspire and often times I talk about the love of my life, my mom, and my puppy on it. Those are just special extras my readers get though. My love has never missed a race and is my #1 fan, as is my mom!

All I want from my blog is for people to feel inspired. To do something. To run some distance. To give the sport of running and the art of fitness a chance.