Ashlee McTaggart

Ashlee McTaggart

My name is Ashlee (with 2e's) McTaggart. I was born here in Toronto Ontario. My mother is Debbie aka Deb! My dad goes by Ainsworth, or father dearest when I need money. I was born on July 14, 1988, which means im a Cancer. I have three sisters and one brother, I’m pretty sure, if not 100% positive that I am the favourite child.

I grew up in Scarborough. I attended St Florence elementary school, and graduated from St. Augustine’s Catholic Secondary School. After high school I didn’t know what to do with life, and my dad spoiled me. Finally, Deb was fed up of seeing me lay around the house without a purpose so I applied to George Brown College Dental Assisting Level I & II program.

Happy to be back in school I really thought I had a future inside the mouth. but I was wrong. I completed the program and before looking to enter the field I volunteered at two offices. during my time in the regular dentist office is where I realized I want nothing to do with the mouth, it is not a nice place.

I was already employed with the GAP so I went back to work as a visual merchandiser. I continued working and soul searching. I was having a difficult time finding another program to enroll in so I found another job. I am now an Assistant manager for Lids. Working both jobs things got crazy and I was eager to go back to school and leave the mall behind me.

I don’t know how I got here but I’m here, learning to be a creative advertising professional. Even though I go to school I still merchandise for the GAP as well as assist the Lids store. I’m shocked I haven’t failed school. I went from being a couch potato to never having a enough hours during the day.

That’s my life, so far. other little fun facts about me, I am Scottish ( which explains my last name), Jamaican, Trini to the bone with a hint of Spanish. my favourite colours are pink and purple, i have 9 tattoos, my favourite is the dancing mermaid, and my alter ego's name is Lola Mac.