Ashlee Fox

Perth, Western Australia

Ashlee Fox

Perth, Western Australia


I am an educated well traveled graduate whose main focus is on business management and leveraging cross-social platforms for digital marketing. Aspiring from my education I took a large interest in marketing and management strategies, and blog writing. I'm funny, charismatic, and cheeky, but serious when I need to be.


I am a marketing consultant assisting small and large businesses on where they can leverage the most out of their social marketing. I write blogs on the happenings in digital marketing and my views on how it affects businesses. On my free time, I write a blog on my travel experience giving insights to travelers who are interested in visiting some of the countries I have had the opportunity to experience.


I have worked in various sales positions for a period of time during my youth and developed a knack for it. After various experiences I was inspired to take on a consulting marketing role. Let me help you with any advice you may need about putting yourself and your business out there. Marketing is my passion.


Groomed in a wide range of experience as an administrator. I am obediently trained in the art of office worker and the computer programs and organisational skills come with it but not limited to office worker. My skills expand beyond that winning the hearts of business owners and humble hardworking entrepreneurs.


While my knowledge is ever growing, the desire to start up a business is in existence. I'm always eager to meet with like minded business professionals and discuss new possibilities.

  • Work
    • Ausind Solar
  • Education
    • Mountain View High School
    • Cambridge International College - Australia
    • University of Phoenix
    • Kansas State University
    • EVIT