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Ashlee Elfman

Southern California, United States

Ashlee Elfman is a Southern California based writer, editor, publisher, and director.

In 2005, Elfman decided she wanted to promote under the radar musicians and artists, and started an online zine called "Swampland'. "Swampland" was an exercise in DIY publishing and biased music journalism. The idea was to present "underground" artists in a mythical and respectful light. After a few years of interviewing bands and accepting off-kilter writing submissions, she decided to call it quits to focus more on her own writing.

Around 2009, she teamed up with independent Los Angeles filmmaker, Mike Cuenca, to help write the absurd counter-cultural web series, "Oblivion: The Series". Although Cuenca and Elfman had known each other since they were 17, they began to realize that they shared the same comedic sensibilities and decided to take the show in a defiantly bizarre direction. After 7 episodes, Oblivion was put on the back burner.

Recently, Elfman has had an article featured in the book, "Read Write [Hand]: A multi-disciplinary Nick Cave reader", published by Silkworms Ink. The article takes a look at musician and author Nick Cave's work in a literary context, experimenting in the combination of music journalism and literary critique. She has just finished writing a strange children's book entitled, "Violet Olivia Brown", and is waiting on the finishing touches by illustrator and collaborator Gabby Untermayerova. Untermayerova and Elfman have another children's book project waiting in the wings, this time involving animals. Elfman's also at work on three different novels, but because she is annoyingly methodical and critical, they have been a long time coming.

Most recently, she has turned her attentions toward directing music videos and short films. She has directed music videos for Jeff Zentner, Rykarda Parsasol, and The Jeffrey Lee Sessions Project.

  • Education
    • California State University Los Angeles