Ashlee Connor

Ashlee.... i love music its my life to be honest! :) i love black veil brides and escape the fate, falling in reverse, slipknot and many more... im english and would love to one day live in america california.....

my eyeliner is like my baby aswell as my phone, i am loud sarcastic and very annoying at times:P i like live on facebook and twitter when im not out. i have both my ears strecthed and i have brown hair LOL i look like i have an afro because my dad has one now i have one.. i dont think i would leave the house if i couldnt straigthen my hair. I cant spell but some how seemed to get a C in my english ahahhah......... im in year 10 and im nearly 15 i love doing art and have took it for a gcse. amy lee and hayley williams are stunning very jel of them. i like to have fun and hate being places that are boring, people who inspire me are black veil brides and ronnie radke, audrey kicthing, lady gaga and jeffree star. I like to get my own way and dont really care what people think because im me. i have a rabbit.;)

i find guys with flicky hair way to attractive LOL. I cry at movies way to easily.... its bad how bad a cry ahaahha..... yeah i hate people who put other people down for shit all or to make there friends laugh if you do that i find you a twat straight away.