Ashlee Hoffman

My name is Ashlee Hoffman and I am the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at the Jackson State Recreation Complex. I have a BA from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in Psychology, an MA in Clinical Psychology from Roosevelt University, and an MS Health Promotion and Education as well as a doctoral candidate in Health Education in from the University of Cincinnati.

I am an American College of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer and an Aerobics and Fitness Association of America certified group fitness instructor. I also have advanced certifications and trainings in SPINNING, Keiser M3 (cycling), aqua fitness, TRX suspension, TRX rip, Pilates, and barre.

I have worked with a wide array of clients, ranging in age, shape, and abilities. I have also worked as an adjunct facility member at a university, teaching courses in Personal Health Behavior; Health and Fitness; Physical Conditioning; Drugs and Society; Introduction to Global Health; Introduction to Public Health; Introduction to Health Education; and Stress Management. I love life and everything that has brought me where I am now. I have certainly had a bumpy ride, but that is why I have immense joy in my soul. I would NOT change anything about my past, as who knows who I would be, if a day was different.

Why I do what I do...The most influential moment of my life happened on March 24, 2006. I was in a car accident, resulting in breaking two neck vertebrae, 3 back vertebrae, 5 ribs, my foot, lacerating my liver, puncturing a lung, having a pulmonary embolism, and ultimately having a lung infection leading to only one functioning lung. This experience offered more realization about life than anything else could have offered. This accident was a result of a malfunction on my car.

Perception is your reality, correct? This accident made me realize how valuable life is. The saying "there are no guarantees in life" took on profound meaning, as tomorrow is promised to no one. As much as I believe we chose our own fate, destiny is not ours to choose. NOTHING is certain. Keep your head up, look forward, and NEVER regret the past. The past is simply that, the past. If it was not awesome, that is why it IS-the past. Remember, there IS an absolute reason anything in the past, is not in your present. Life can only offer you more, IF you let it. Accept your future, and be willing to embrace it.

My accident showed me how vulnerable the human body is.