Ashley Nicole

I am the Universe

Ashley Nicole is a passionate writer, artist, and dancer. She loves exploring different cultures and religions, watching films and documentaries, listening to anything with a catchy beat, and the counter-culture movement. Her mother and father had trouble dealing with her wild imagination that she had at such a young age, and she did not stop believing in fairies until the 5th grade.

A thinker, feeler and intuitive young woman. On a weekend night you will find Ashley bustling around a local resturant as their hostess with the mostess, and then enjoying a Fall Salad, 'No hazelnut dressing, add tofu' takeout in the comfort of her incense-filled bedroom. You may find her, however, raging the night away in a state of euphoria in the underground scene or at the local hookah bar. She spends her summer months at the beach, enjoying the lazy sun and cooling ocean days as well as the fast-paced thrilling boardwalk nights, while also teaching at a theater camp during the months of July and August.

She is currently dating Travis since April 2012. He is the first boyfriend she has fallen in love with first for his intellectual and spiritual soul. She shares a birthday with E.E. Cummings, and has the same zodiac sign as one of her favorite writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald; and the writer of her favorite poem T.S. Elliot of 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.' She is terrible at public speaking, but great at small talk and she's not afraid to share her unbiased opinions with everyone. She lives in her lavender walled bedroom which acts as her haven on relaxing days off which is scattered with piles of thrifted nonsense, self-help books, and her most recent art projects. Despite her average personality traits, average grades, average standardized test scores, and average effort in her wide-ranging hobbies; She is most certainly not average.

Ashley is influenced by philosophers and the universe around her. She believes we are all one and that we manifest our own lives through our thoughts. Her favorite teacher was her AP Psychology teacher and 7th grade math tutor who wrote her college recommendation letter which stated that “her spiritual and creative spirit will be evidenced on any campus that is lucky enough to receive her.” She lives by the quote “and in that moment, I swear, we were infinite” by the famous teenage novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower and she invests her whole soul in living in the present moment.