ashleigh simpson

i'm 14 years old, and live in a small town that's slowly getting bigger and bigger in australia. i have caramel coloured hair, and hazel eyes. i love one direction, vampire weekend, and good charlotte. all very different i know :) i like drawing, which i stopped doing when i started high schol but am staring up again, and dancing- which i'm not very good at. i'm not very fit, but it doesn't bother me. my favourite tv shows are australias next top model, and keeping up with the kardashians. i like shopping, but hardly ever get to go. i'm a very sarcastic person, so if you talk to me, i'm sorry if i offend you :) i'm not very religious, but believe that there is a 'God' of some sort. and i think that's about all i can think of?
i have tumblr, which is here
and twitter, which is here.
if you want, you can ask me questions or talk to me here (on my tumblr).