Ashleigh Dix

Artist, Mixed Media Artist, and Collage Artist in Sturry, United Kingdom

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Hey there, I'm Ashleigh Dix, a self-taught mixed media collagist born in Zimbabwe and schooled in South Africa where I worked in the domestic and commercial art sector after which I spent a few years travelling around the world before moving to London and finally settling in Kent.

In my early work I explored the use of oil, acrylics and charcoal and for many years charcoal was my favoured medium and I produced large, very detailed wildlife and figurative works. My charcoals have been exhibited in Liverpool, Winchester and London in the UK and Johannesburg, Kempton Park and Benoni in South Africa where I was also invited to exhibit at the Ekurhuleni National Fine Arts Awards.

In 2014 I put down my much loved charcoal and switched style and technique to completely reinvent myself as a mixed media collagist. My contemporary mixed media works are mostly figurative and typically incorporate card, paper, paint, found objects, wax and varnish. I use colour boldly in my tactile and distinctive work. I draw inspiration from human experience and am interested in the subtle differences in expression and nuances of posture - encompassing social change and attitude.


"In a world that has become driven and plasticized by consumption on one end and complicated by religious and political tensions on the other end, I look for the simple around me... Sometimes it’s the insignificant in between moments that I capture where the posture manifests simple peace. The enjoyed moments where the everyday person can interact with the world around them in such a way that simply ‘being’ adds value to the very moment being lived... My motive is to reflect to the world that value is added by the manner of being. It’s an attitude. It’s a choice. It’s an action. It’s not stagnant. It’s not beaten. It has energy and hope. It has direction. My intention is to show you the world around yourself that you miss when you become so engrossed either in consuming, on one end of the spectrum, or in the complicated tensions of society around you on the other end of the spectrum..."