Lynnae Baker

Marketing Specialist, Web Developer / Designer, and Creative Entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas

With no “one true calling”, an entrepreneurial spirit and fierce enthusiasm for knowledge and innovation fuel my pursuits in multidisciplinary exploration.

I’m fiercely passionate in pursuits that encompass technological solutions, applications, graphic design, user experience, event production, experiential marketing, web development, live entertainment, project management, music, audio visualization & interactive media.

With hopes to inspire social and technological change through innovative adaptability- I'm eager to blend them and evolve them to work at the intersection of different fields, where diverse experiences can thrive.

Ideally, I seek to collaborate with like-minds to provide others with captivating experiences that ultimately improve the quality of life through the progression of things such as, knowledge, creativity, mindfulness, unity, understanding and happiness - in addition to countless others, of course.

  • Work
    • PERK Creative (DBA)
  • Education
    • University of North Texas