Ashley Bloom

Roles so far... Son. Baby. Brother. Infant. Friend. Reader. Child. Student. Actor. Martial Artist. Bike Rider. Tennis Player. Teen. Cricketer. Dishy & Waiter. Lover. Squash Player. Surfer. Driver. Salesperson. Poker Player. Financial Trader. Cleaning Company MD. Snowboarder. Dancer. Advertising Manager. Copywriter. Presenter. Networker. Author. Healer. CrossFitter. Programmer. Coach. Interviewer.

Many hats, not all worn well. Through multifaceted exploration I've shaded small parts of life's canvas and am a developing dot connector.


Radical honesty in all facets of life.

Off-kilter travel (ideally to outer space).

Earnest storytelling through books, films, music and games.

Emerging, disruptive tech like 3D Printing, Bitcoin (blockchain), Space Glasses, Drones, Electric Cars, Photovoltaics, Bioinformatics, Dark Data.

Further, projects and movements that are oriented towards: