Ashley Casey

My hometown is Duluth, GA and I graduated from Mount Pisgah Christian School. I am majoring in Pre-Business and English at UGA. Random fact about me is that everyone calls me AC except my family and closest friends. I am a dieahard Georgia Fan goooo dawgs!I am such a sports girl and I am a tomboy with a small mix of girly in the tomboyness. I am lefthanded and I absolutely love war movies. My favorite movie is Tears of The Sun. My two favorite quotes are "Live everyday as if every day is your last becase you dont know when your last day will be" and "You cant know a man until you walk a mile in his shoes". I can have fun literally doing anything and everything but I especially love anything that requires the outdoors especailly when the activity requires any type of effort. I love all types of music except screamo or hard rock. Oh and lastly, I talk fast. I have always talked fast and I am not quite sure exactly why. One docter said that my mind just moved faster than a normal person's mind because I also read extremely fast as well as do alot of things fast which is not always a good thing:( My talking fast could always be related to my ADD who knows. I embrace it.

  • Education
    • Best university in the whole world...UGA