Ashley Diva

Dancer, Actress, and Student in Buea, Cameroon

Ashley is, and always has been a lover of soul-touching exercises like sports, music and dance. She started dancing at a very tender age (in nursery education, when she became part of the school ballet). This little damsel has grown to be a beauty and a great dancer especially with "Afro" dances and is flexible at learning other dances. She does them so well and she's fun to be with.

Aha! Something you might get to discover:- besides dance Ashley loves music, commedy and anything that keeps the smile on her pretty face. She's the "Diva" at socialising; makes the people around her love her even more.

She's brilliant, charismatic and bold. And while looking forward to a successfull career in dance, she maintains her passion for fashion (modeling) and aspires to be in the movies.When you picture her gaze you know she's in control.

"it's all about dance" ____Ashley