Ashley Garcia

Succes and achievement is driving force behind my ambition to become powerful and successful. My journey began when I decided to set a goal of becoming healthy and making myself an exceptional individual. Prior to my decision of becoming healthy I weighed approximatley 156 lbs, when I began to change my everyday habits, I slowly started to see myself transform both physically and mentally. My physical tranformation was amazing but what was most thrilling was how strong I became mentally.

There is nothing that is more pleasing than knowing and understanding how much power and strength that a person can attain mentally to overcome the most rigid obstacles.Throughout my journey I have learned the importance of patience, self-discipline and steadfastness.

Along my pathway to success. I felt that my achievements and accomplishments meant nothing if I didnt use my story to influence and help others. I have dedicated my time to serve as a mentor for teen moms within the Merced Community to help them seek their inner strength and to use that as a tool for their own success.

  • Education
    • University of California Merced