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Ashley Howard

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Originally from a small town out in the country, I moved to the big city of Ottawa in 2006 to start my life. I came for school, but found that I am more of a hands on learner, so school just wasn't the right environment for me. C'est la vie! One thing that seemed to grow over the years was my love and passion for baking. This passion started at the age of 5, and is all because of my wonderful grandmother. It is because of this immense passion that I would love to have my own bakery one day. I find the idea of being an entrepreneur and running my own business not only challenging, but thrilling as well. Sometimes the greatest rewards come from the biggest risks. And what's life without a little risk, right?

I am constantly searching for new things to learn, for example, did you know that a duck has more neck bones than a giraffe?! Seriousely though, I definitely have a "bring it on!" attitude when it comes to learning something new. I thrive the most when I'm being challenged, and find myself happiest when learning something new. The perfect job for me would challenge me, and would focus on innovation, doing things better, and helping others. Think out of the box and think big!

In my spare time, I enjoy everything about being outdoors. Fishing, camping, hiking, training my dog Riley, going on adventurous road trips and kayaking are just a few of my favourite things to do. My biggest hobby however is for photography. There is no greater feeling than holding a camera for me. I absolutely love how a photo can tell a story and how it can bring about so many emotions in me. An perfect day for me would be exploring a beautiful park, camera in hand, with my dog beside me. Just getting lost in the beauty of the outdoors. To see some of my work, take a look at my Website: A Howard Photography!

So what's next for me? Well, I'm glad you asked. After spending a wonderful 9 years in the beautiful city of Ottawa, it is finally time for me to move on to bigger and better things. It has been a dream of mine to live in Toronto and work for 500px, and it is about time I make that dream a reality!

My outlook on life can be summed up by this beautiful quote from one of my favourite books.

"A friend told me once - that all the sorrow and all the trouble of the world is caused by unhappy people."

My goal? Bring happiness, one person at a time :)

  • Work
    • Photo Editor
  • Education
    • Algonquin College
    • Photography
    • Business Administration