Ashley Jimenez

Assistant Director at Conscious Music Entertainment works in conjunction with MUZART doing what she does best these days-protecting the future of the world's children through promoting their education of music and the arts. She knows the very important role artistic expression has in a child's life. Growing up she discovered her own musical abilities first through song. Ashley began singing and dancing at age 9, became an actress on stage at 13, and by 15 had received a full scholarship to a high school for the performing arts. During her teens she starred in short films at NYU and Colombia Univeristy. In her early 20's she hit the recording studio as a song-writer. She displays an outspoken advocacy on behalf of her passion for children and believes they have a voice which needs to be heard. Today, her mission with Conscious Music Entertainment is to make it possible for talented educators to mentor children to find their voice and to share their music with the world.