Ashley LeCompte

...I don't really know what the point of this thing is, I already have a Facebook, a Twitter account and a blog, and yet I still need just one more thing to properly tell you about myself. I guess I shouldn't make fun of this thing - after all, I just signed up, huh?

I am a wife to an amazing man, who I am lucky enough to have love me and call my own. I am a mother to two great kiddos who find the time to drive me crazy and make me smile just about everyday. I am a homebuilder (otherwise known as a homemaker) and have been since June of 2011. At times, a reluctant one.

Here is the best part.

I am loved by Jesus. I am God's child. I have been blessed by His grace. I don't always live up to it, but in my heart of hearts I aspire to be a joyful, complete and emmersed follower of Christ. And though it wouldn't have beem my original dream, I have come to find in my own heart that I believe in and take pride in being a stay at home mother. I feel like this is where God would have me be. I'm trying to enjoy the ride, to find the joy and humor in everything that I do.

I write reguarly on my blog,

Why write?

Much of what about is my daily adventures with my children. Not just what we do and how we do it, but my thoughts, observations and the bold faced truth. Being a stay at home mother is hard. But there is more to this than dirty diapers and dust bunnies. Motherhood is complicated. And while I don't only write about my adventures with my children, I think in my heart of hearts I write because of this: I believe that motherhood, especially being a stay at home mother, is a very high calling. One that God ordained for us because of it's importance and influence. I want to see mother's feel empowered the same way that I do (almost) everyday. I want to see other moms feel connected to, find encouragement in and take joy and pride in what they do. And also to find the humor in everything. I write about womanhood, I write about friendship. I write about life.

And my hope is that in everything I write about, that it would be honest, it would be uplifting and it would seem like a conversation you could be having with one of your own friends.

So glad you found me! Hoping you will stop by for a read sometime!