AshleyRae Miller

Orange County, California, United States

I am madly in love with Christ and desire to be fully used by Him to bring all glory to His sweet name. I am most passionate about reaching women of all ages to share the greatness of God. I was once stuck in such deep bondage, serving the world, when God found me and gave me purpose, life, and meaning. I want to be used by God to reach His people, watching Him break chains, set captives free, and see lives filled with the Spirit. This world robs us and I want to be apart of the generation seeing lives live fully for Christ in community together rising up to serve His Kingdom.

I love to serve, encourage, and love on people. My heart burns with passion to speak to women, plan events for women to join in community (retreats or conferences), and be used by God daily as He wishes.

I am living one day at a time, filled with His joy, to make the most out of each moment to glorify God in it. Life is precious and valuable, each breath is a gift from God, and He deserves all praise!

Know you are deeply loved and cherished by God. He calls you child and has the best in store for you! Never settle for the worlds offerings, reach for God's ultimate guidance!

Thank you for stopping in. I would love to connect, pray, and talk with you. Send your prayer requests or comments to

  • Education
    • Biola Univer
    • Northwest
    • BASI Pilates Certified