Ashley Noelle Albert

I am ME (for better and for worse)...blindingly, blazingly fearless. I am a PILOT, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a lover, a writer, a fighter, a bleeding heart, a voice in the dark.

People either love me or hate me, not a lot of in between...I'm extroverted & I can handle being in the spotlight.

On the other hand...I do have an intensely private side. I need space, I need to be alone, just as much as I love being social. I'm a conundrum! A blond paradox...

I'm a hopeless romantic, I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I dislike nothing more than people being two-faced. Keep that high-school drama to yourself. If I won't say it to your face, I won't say it out loud, trust.

I practice 'radical-honesty' so I don't have anything to remember or worry about. No stories to get straight, no burdens on my conscious...keeps things pretty simple & I can look myself in the mirror every morning.

I have won medals for karate & swimming. Respectively...not at the same time.

I'm super nerdy. Like Star Wars nerdy. Way geeked!

I'm stupidly optimistic. It's obnoxious, to be honest. But, I can't help it so I've embraced my "life is beautiful" mentality and I'm in a pretty good place with my happy happy bullshit.

I'm a 1984 late-model female, blond, almost mint condition.

I have a pretty dark sense of humor; some might even describe it as sick & twisted...but hey, what can I tell you? If you fall down in front of me (& aren't in any visible agony) I'm most likely going to laugh my ass off at you while helping you get up off of the ground...don't feel bad though, I laugh just as hard (if not harder) when I fall down myself. I will be the first friend to offer you the shirt off of my back (literally and figuratively) when you fall on hard times. I am loyal & devoted.

The more terrifying something is to me, the more I want to do it. Next on my list: skydiving & streetbikes.

Making you smile, my 3 Chihuahua puppies, my nephews, music, dancing, the beach & ocean, flying, writing, making out, new experiences (good & bad), kisses that last for hours...these things make me happy.

I don't think you could embarrass me if you tried. I'm not one to turn down a dare & I don't have much use for shame.

Humility, modesty, honesty, & honor = sacred.