Ashley Parker

Amherst, Massachusetts, United States

Isenberg School of Management University of Massachusetts Amherst

The YOU BRAND that I am trying to attain is a combination of a few qualities. I would like people to know that I am honest, and believe in making ethical and moral decisions. This may even be what led me to the field of accounting! Making decisions in the business field, and in life all together, can become pretty tricky at times. I feel that if you base a decision on what is right and what is necessary, the outcome will work out the way that it is supposed to. I am a hard worker, and a firm believer of doing things the right way. Taking the easy way out, or taking a short cut, is not how I believe a job well done gets accomplished.

The passion I feel most strongly about is karma. I believe that when people do the right thing, good things come back to them for it. The outcomes may not be immediate, and they may not even be noticeable at first, but I believe the good karma is always eventually received. Unfortunately, Karma can go in the opposite direction as well. People that decide to do bad things or make bad decisions will eventually feel the effect of karma taking something away from them, or presenting them with a bad outcome.

I feel that in our society, not enough people are doing the right things, and not doing things for the right reason. People should be doing the right thing so that society is given the opportunity to thrive. Likewise, companies should be as honest and forthcoming to the public as possible so that society can benefit from them.

In the current financial state of the country, we see less and less truthfulness and honesty from people and companies. I believe that karma will eventually take its toll on the bad decisions that are being made today, and the only way to change these outcomes is to start making positive decisions in the present for the future.

  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts Amherst