Ashley Christine Valentin

Miami, Florida, United States

From a very early age, Ashley was fond of color and it showed.

With this love of color she unknowingly found her passion for painting in just kindergarten. Somewhere between then and now, Ashley decided to play with light.

To this day, Ashley cannot tell you what exactly made her fall in love with photography; it was something she discovered one day. At the age of ten she began taking pictures with her sister’s simple compact digital camera and what began as a simple interest quickly exploded into an obsession. She began taking photographs of everything, fascinated with the minute details that no one really took any notice to, and began experimenting with macro-photography.

On her thirteenth birthday, Ashley received her very first camera, a Minolta SRT-201. This was the day that her love for photography entered a entirely new world. Having no idea how to use a SLR camera, she took it upon herself to learn everything there was to know about cameras and photography.During this time Ashley decided to pursue her love of art and photography and attend New World School of the Arts, a well-known visual and performing arts school in Miami, Florida. She immediately immersed herself in her art, her passion. For the next two years she developed and honed her skills as a visual artist. At age fifteen she stepped into a darkroom for the very first time and learned to develop all the images she'd captured. The cold, wet air of the darkroom only strengthened her passion and inspired her further.

Soon, with help from supporting friends and family, she bought her first DSLR, a Canon T1i, her current pride and joy. She continued to delve deeper into macro-photography, dipping her toes into portrait and event photography when her friends or family asked. It wasn’t until age eighteen, soon after upgrading her camera to a 7D, that Ashley decided to experiment more with fashion/portrait photography.

Today, at nineteen, Ashley has merged her background in fine arts with her photography to produce stunning and captivating images. She admits that she still has much to learn, but is proud of far she has come in such a short time. In the coming years, Ashley wishes to learn other ‘branches’ of photography in hopes to fine what suites her best and really build a business of her own passion.