Ashley White

I am a sport management major at UMass Amherst. I am currently a senior and I could not tell you what I want to do with my life. Every day I have a new idea or I'm set on a different path than the day before. However my love for sports, friends, family and life itself is always a consistent no matter what path I am on.

I would consider myself a loyal person, one who cares and would do anything for a friend. I love to try new experiences and enjoy life. I want the opportunity to travel and know what's out there, and I think that would shape where I end up. I think seeing everyones perspective whether you disagree or not will sharpen who I am as a person, a leader and a business woman.

My marketing teacher has challenged our class to brand ourselves, which I could easily do. I could take the easy route and brand myself through my major and my career, which I think is half of who I am. I am a sports fan who wants to pursue a career in the sports industry. I'm not even that picky on which sports, any sport I can get into would be a success in my book.

My other brand however has nothing to do with my major or my future career, it has to do with where I am in my life now. Just as stores change their brands, I'm always changing mine. Right now I am craving for adventure, for love, heartbreak. I want a life filled with laughter and regret and my brand is just this. I want to never think twice, and never promise anything I cannot keep. I want to surprise people and make people happy. My brand is to never take life for granted, because no matter how corny the saying, life is way too short to spend it behind a desk. (even though I want to experience that too!)

So what is my passion? Well that goes right along with my brand. I want to travel the world. I want to experience all the different cultures and people the world has to offer. The knowledge is so substantial, even traveling the United States you can gain tremendously. Leaving my comfort zone and experiencing things that I've never heard of is my passion. This is a new passion, something that I have just discovered I want to do recently. I realized that I do not want to go through life just going through the motions, I want stories and life experience before I get stuck behind a desk the rest of my life and do not have the time for it.