Ashley Williamson

Sigonella, Sicily

So I guess my whole life story starts here..

1996- I was born in South Caolina

1999- My parents divorced

2000- Found an ability that changed my life forever (art) / Moved to Italy

2002- Mother got re-married / Moved to California

2005- Began playing my first instrument (trumpet)

2006- My first baby brother was born

2008- My first baby sister was born

2010- First job as an artist

2011- Won a soloist award in the school jazz band against at the state competition

2013- Bad things happend that i dont like to talk about.. / I met my best friend Sam

2014- I start forming bad habits, but my drawing helps me escape story is long, hard to explain, and nobody wants to know about it, but all i really have to say is..

one painting.. can save a life forever.. it can be your escape and your savior.. never underestimate the things you're good at.. take advantage of what you can.. and pass on your message.

  • Education
    • High School Student