Ashley Winkler


Welcome to my All about me page. My name is Ashley and I am excited to share with you my story. First and for most, I am a child of God. I try to live my life in accordance to HIS plan. ( I fail quite often. But I TRY! ) Because no matter how bad I fail in the small things or big things, God is always here to help me get back on my feet to follow Him. Second, I am a Wife to an amazing husband and Father to our children, Keith. We have known each other since I was a baby and he was about 9 years old. We had years of our families playing together followed by years of disconnect. One Saturday evening While I was out celebrating my birthday and he was out celebrating his , we casually ran into each other and the rest is history! We have 2 handsome little boys together, Michael and Bryan, that are 362 days apart! Which leads me to my third most important title. I am a beautiful mess of a mommy! We got pregnant with our first son a few months into dating. I already knew my husband and I were meant to be. The pregnancy of Michael was confirmation that God was trying to get my attention and direct me back to him. He had thrown the stepping stones of family right infront of me. The one thing HE knows is the softest part of my heart. So I was right where God wanted me! Michael was only 4 months old when we found out we were expecting Bryan. I laughed and gave Keith a card that said " ready or not here I come!" All the wedding ideas we started to have, quickly got pushed back and preparing for baby #2 claimed top priority. We "court housed" it and began the journey of being two in one! ( with two little side kicks) Now our boys will 3 and 2 years old this year. And we will celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Looking at my personal life a lone makes me feel so loved by God! Seeing all the places He has marked his fingerprints and giving me the stepping stones to lead me back to his path, makes me love Him more and more!

God has also displayed Himself through my life in the work field as well.