Chula Vista, CA

My name is Ashley L. Ortiz and here's where my story begins. When I was born my umbilical cord was bent in half resulting in me getting only half the nutrients I needed. So instead of me being an 8 pound baby like expected. I was born full term, underweight 4 pounds and 12 ounces. As I got older, I was having problems with my ears witch later affected my speech. Through dealing with everything, I was in cheer and I picked up singing. Singing was my main outlet whenever I was anything but happy. Around the age of 7 I was told I lost 50 percent of my hearing and that I could have a speech problem the rest of my life.

I was having a hard time understanding in school and trying to figure out why I was being pulled out to be constantly tested. Inside I felt like a lab rat, along with being made fun of and teased. I didn't feel normal But I still kept a smile on my face. From my own personal experience I felt that it was necessary to keep this from everyone including family member. I felt that no one would understand what it feels like to be born in these kind of circumstances. By the time I hit Middle school and High school I managed to keep my secret. I ended up graduating from high school with a 3.3 grade point average. And It's because of singing that I managed to not only deal with my learning disability but achieve beyond what was expected of me.

If I could have done things differently, I would have wanted to be more open to sharing and trying to get people to understand what it means to have a learning disability. It doesn't mean I'm unable to do anything because I'm stupid, it just means that It might take me a little longer to learn something because I haven't figure out what works for me yet. Witch brings me to the reason I'm writing this, it's very important to me that I bring awareness to this subject. I encourage everyone with a learning disability to share there story with me as I've shared a little bit of mine. Along with people who may have questions about learning disabilities. Feel Free to email me: Ortiz8837@yahoo.com

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