Ashley Hardaway

Washington, DC

My first paid piece was in high school when I ghostwrote someone’s college admission essay. Hoping to seek inspiration from their life’s tribulations I remember asking them leading questions like “who do you know that has died?” and “have you ever seriously injured yourself?” Remarkably, they were accepted into their chosen school even though their life story was devoid of any marketable sob stories.

Since then I have authored the travel and culture guide Ukraine: Discover the Real Ukraine and covered food scenes from the funky back alleys of New Orleans, to the hotspots of DC. I have toured closed Soviet nuclear submarine bases, visited Chernobyl, taken communal baths in Turkey, and watched someone being stung by a scorpion in Nicaragua. Trust me - just seeing the scorpion alone was terrifying enough.

I live in DC. I write. And I love it.

  • Education
    • University of Central Florida