Ashley Hirt

By day, my fingers dance across the keyboard as I bob my head to house music, typing optimized content for websites, blogs and social media platforms. I blossom in a creative and collaborative environment.

By night, my creativity is no longer found in text, but in splashes of paint on my canvases. Art is just one of my passions. People are another. Nothing beats a great conversation over an intriguing international dish (I enjoy bok choy and duck). And even though I'm a city girl, I still love blasting country music on a dirt road in the hills of Ohio.

Speaking of which, I'm from Cleveland and I'm chasing my dream. Ever since I was 12-years-old and first walked down Michigan Avenue, I told my parents I would one day live in Chicago. Eleven years later I drove west on 80 to live out my dream.

Currently, I'm a SEO Copywriter at Spectrum, Inc., an internet marketing firm in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. I also am a freelance SEO Copywriter in higher education, as well as the consumer and B2B industries. Here's a few of my career highlights thus far:

Warning Don't Ever Attempt This (unless you are highly caffeinated by Argo Tea): I wrote about 180 optimized pages in 40 hours for a University's website rebuild

Managed an online newsroom for a Fortune 500 company in the welding industry, and implemented SEO strategies to increase traffic to their site

Wrote a 30 page LinkedIn guidebook for insurance professionals, step-by-step for a nice and easy set up and understanding of why an account would benefit them

If you are looking for a peppy, always positive employee with a big smile - even after being asked to work overtime - then I am your perfect match! I enjoy my work, achieving goals, gaining knowledge, building relationships and helping my cleints succeed above and beyond their original expectations.