You know, I'm actually pretty excited about this blog!. This is my first ever one and i honestly wouldn't mind if you made comments about the name because i really didn't put much thought into it!. So, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a girl, yes a girl not a women , who is in love with baking. i've been baking since i was ten and now i've finally had the courage to put up a blog. I'm a more experienced baker of sweet things than one of savory stuff. the truth is that, i've never really had more than one bite of any of my baked goods and i've only taken opinions from my family and friends. Now you must be rethinking your decision of reading this blog because obviously my family and friends won't have anything bad to say about any thing i've ever made. But don't worry my mother is the type of person who will tell you what she's thinking!. So anyway, I hope some of my recipes might be of some use to you in the future!