Ashley Peterson

Life is beautiful if you look in the right places. I was born and raised in Georgia, and love travelling outside of the state. While I love this place I will eventually call the big apple home. If all goes accordingly I will be a special events coordinator and accountant in the New York City after graduation, but then again what goes according to the plan? The unpredictability of life makes it worth living. Planning and anticpating life events often ruin the actual experience.

Mark Twain (or good ole Sam as I refer to him) lead the type of life that most don't. Like myself, he was not one for courtesy, and instead took a straighfoward approach in every day life. Not being scared of death and not being afraid to talk about it was a big part of his writing. Following the attitude of living life to the very fullest so that you have no regrets is an attitude I've adopted from my favorite author.